December  is a perfect opportunity to discover Morocco’s cities as well the country’s natural landscapes, which are especially breathtaking during the winter months.

What to do in Morocco in December?

There are plenty of things to do in the cooler months. In fact, there is possibly even more! The cities, coasts and deserts are still comfortable temperatures and most touristic activities are open year-round. In addition, winter represents a quieter period in the country. Aside from avoiding crowds, enjoying lower prices.

Walking around Marrakech

The famed red city is like a child that takes you by the hand and wants you to play. The Medina is an enchanting playground of colour, fragrance, texture and flavour. It will draw you into its many souks and invite you to discover its charming side-streets. Also like a child, the notoriously chaotic city can be exhausting after a full-day of exploring. Fortunately, December represents a quieter time in Marrakech. In the winter months, visitors can enjoy exploring the city without contesting big crowds in the narrow streets of the old city.

The markets of Marrakech are also the melting pot for speciality artisan crafts from all over the country. The markets boast rainbow arrays of pointed Moroccan slippers, pyramids of exotic spice and kaleidoscopes of colourful Moroccan lamps that hang overhead. The city is a true treasure-trove of unique Arabic crafts to be discovered!

Skiing Mount Toubkal

Snow dons the mountain peaks like an ivory fez as winter descends upon the Atlas Mountains. During this time, the landscape and the colours transform dramatically. Travellers visiting in winter have a chance to explore one of Moroccos most beautiful landscapes at its most vivid.
The range is also home to the highest mountain in North Africa, Jebel Toubkal. A winter climb to the summit of Toubkal provides a magnificent panorama over a snow-capped Atlas mountain range. Take a multi-day ski tour around the mountains, staying in cozy mountain refuges and Berber guesthouses. The Ski season lasts from December until the beginning of April.

walking-skiing-mount-toubkal-morocco Traveling Morocco in December

Shopping in Rabat

The souks of Morocco are a photographers dream. Experience some of the best craftsmanship and vibrant designs wandering the Medina of the country’s capital. Unlike Marrakech, the souk owners are laid-back and there is less pressure to buy. Enjoy strolling through the Medina in peace, when the Medina will be less crowded.

There is an entire world of exotic crafts to be discovered. Perfumeries lined with shelves of elixirs, souks piled high to the ceiling with rugs, and much more!

Surfing at Sidi Kaouki

Fancy hitting the surf in winter? Sidi Kaouki is a small town located just 25km outside of Essaouira. It is known as a famed stop for surfing and kite-surfing lessons. There are an abundance of surfing companies that will show you the ropes. Or if you are experienced, grab a board and head to the waves! With winter temperatures still modest on the coast, Sidi Kaouki makes the perfect winter getaway.

What is the temperature in Morocco in December?

December temperatures are relatively mild in Morocco. Pleasant, sunny days are still common throughout most of the country. Marrakech experiences comfortable winter temperatures between 8°C and 20°C. The rest of the country, including the coast and the Sahara desert also experience a similar mild temperature range during the colder months. However, the snow-capped Atlas Mountain range receives chillier winter temperatures, at around -3°Celsius.